Below is a selection of testimonials taken from LinkedIn. For full LinkedIn profile click here.

Dave Weatherhead;

‘Maria is the recruiter you always hope you will find but rarely do. Her attention to detail and high standards mean that we have only ever received the highest quality candidates. You don’t get time-wasters or people clearly not fit for the role. I have worked with Maria on several different roles and every time we have hired her recommendation and have got a great new employee. If she doesn’t believe she can find the type of person you need she will tell you up front rather than wasting your time. A delight to work with and highly recommended.”

Roni Collins;

“I have been working with Maria since 2014. I have found her to be an excellent recruiter who never sends me just any candidate, but takes the time to find the “right” candidate. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for more than an average recruiter.”

Lisa Cluer;

I was very impressed with the quality and speed of service Maria offered us. We have particular requirements that we are looking for and Maria was able to understand and meet our specific business needs. I have worked with many other agencies over the years and so often feel our time is wasted with unsuitable candidates.