Recruitment Advertising Plus – £450 + vat

Premium recruitment advertising product with additional time & cost saving features including;

• Creation of your advert after initial consultation
• Online job posting with major job boards
• Advertise with or without disclosing your company name
• CV Screening and sifting to match your criteria
• Shortlisted candidates’ CV’s sent to your inbox
• You decide who to interview
• Pay when your advert goes live
• No further fee when you hire

On site Recruiter daily rate £300 + vat

Access recruitment support as and when you need it. Book one of our experienced recruiters for the day. Acting as your in-house recruiter typical features can include;

• Interviewing candidates alongside hiring managers
• Creating adverts on your behalf
• Posting of multiple vacancies online
• Recruitment strategy consultation
• Setting up second interviews
• Requesting & obtaining references for successful candidates

Fixed Fee Recruitment – £1950 + vat (For a limited period only – available until December 2020)

End to end recruitment service. Transparent capped fee irrespective of salary. Features include;

• Creation of advert
• Online job posting with major job boards
• Searching of extensive live candidate database
• In depth screening and interviewing candidates
• Creating shortlist of relevant candidates
• Setting up interviews
• Post interview feedback
• Job offer and contract negotiation
• Successful hire referencing
• Pay nothing till you hire
• 28 day rebate period